Monday, 1 September 2014

The view from my sofa

Beautiful flowers from my neighbour
Healthy snacks
Crochet circles
An old photo found in a book
Looking for something to read

My neighbour brought in these beautiful flowers, they are such a cheerful flower I have decided to have another go at growing them.  We always tried when the children were little but the slugs always got to them.

It is very tempting to use this time to sit and eat chocolate and peanuts (I always have to eat something sweet and salty together)  but that is how I put on so much weight last year.  I MUST STEP AWAY FROM THE FATTY SNACKS!!

These crochet circles are ideal for me to work on,  small enough to feel I have achieved something and if they are wrong I can just undo it quickly.

While looking through some books I found the photograph tucked away in the pages of a book I have never read.   I really don't know why it was there.  I baffle myself sometimes.  I was a flower girl at a cousins wedding.  I had blonde curly hair until a few years after this photo I decided to play hairdressers and cut off my hair.  It grew back straight and dark, my mother never forgave me. She tried to rag roll my hair at night, the curls dropped out within an hour in the morning.  Anyone else remember rag rolls?

OH has gone back to work today so I am trying to entertain myself.  I have been looking for  something to read, I always find it difficult to choose, at the moment I don't think I have the concentration for anything challenging so a Sue Townsend may do the trick.  Adrian Mole was always a favourite with my eldest son, he looked forward to each new book as they both grew up together.  He was a part of many peoples childhood.

Choosing colours for the crochet blanket

Chickpea xx


  1. I taught my DD to rag roll hair and she now does my DGDs lol.

    I'm glad your sounding cheery, make sure you rest x

  2. I like the crochet circles. As winter is nearly here now (!) I shall soon be starting knitting again, so I liked all your wool colours. I got all my wool out recently and for some reason it seems to have grown during the summer- I can barely see the floor for it! Keep getting better xx

  3. Day time TV is wildly exciting - you could try that for entertainment!!

  4. hello
    love the sunflower!! oh and the crochet circles are sooooo beautiful.
    have a nice day,

  5. I'm growing my hair again, perhaps I should try rag rolling again Julee :)

  6. I think wool reproduces in the summer when we aren't looking :)

  7. Noooooo Daytime telly, nearly as bad as night time telly :)

  8. Hi regina, I am enjoying crocheting again after so many years, I hope you have a lovely day as well :)

  9. I love that photo, how cute! I remember my mother using sponge rollers on me and the curls never stayed in my hair either, even with setting lotion slathered on. My daughter's hair is so pin-straight naturally that I haven't even attempted to curl it. :)

  10. I'm glad that you are keeping yourself busy and doing nice things!! xx


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