Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Starting a New Quilt

Our grandsons quilt

Granddaughters quilt

I always love starting a new project, planning the colours, deciding on the patten, choosing fabric/wool.  Quilts are always very personal, I look through my fabric stash for scraps from other projects, each having their own memories connected.  My new project is a cot quilt for our new grandchild.  It has become a tradition that I make a quilt for the newborn and I love doing it.  The first one was made for our grandson.  When our granddaughter came along I included fabric left over from the first quilt.  For this quilt I will also be using fabric scraps from the first two.  I really like that they will all share some of the same fabric.

Unlike when mine were little, our grandchildren wear 'sleeping bags' so are not tucked in with blankets and quilts.  Instead their mother hangs the quilts at the bottom of their cots where they can see the colours, and when the cots become beds they are still hung at the bottom of the beds.  Hopefully they will keep the quilts when they are grown and pass them on to their own children.

My quilts include clothing from my family and fabric from my mums stash.  They are full of memories and love.  As I type this I have a quilt made from my dads, OH and sons shirts covering me.

I am feeling a lot better after resting for these last few days and a friend visited this afternoon bearing cake and craft magazines :)  We spent a lovely afternoon catching up.  I was getting a tiny bit fed up with my own company, its surprising how much chatting away can take your mind off aches and pains.

Well nothing else to say, I'm afraid there isn't much to post when you spend all your days sat on the sofa!  I have been planning lots of trips out in my head so when I am out and about watch this space!  I can't wait to get back to cooking so I will be thinking of some recipes to share, including some vegan ones for Julee.

Hope your days have been good.

Chickpea xx

Welcome to Babs :)


  1. The quilts are really lovely, Chickpea, it's wonderful to hand make an Heirloom like that. They are beautiful. So glad you feel a bit better too

  2. oooh can't wait, I've just found out Bournville plain chocolate is Vegan and now I feel slightly sick lol

    Glad your feeling a little better x

  3. Your quilts are stunning Chickpea, I'm just at the beginners level but I'm really enjoying it. xx

  4. That's a lovely quilt :)
    Glad you are feeling a little better, hope it's not long before you can out for all the trips you've been thinking about!

    Thanks for you comment about the Well Dressings. Well Dressing is an old custom unique to parts of Derbyshire and Staffordshire, although I know a few places further afield have done the odd one - I heard about one in Kent! I've written lots of posts about well dressings as I've visited lots of them locally this year and some are amazing works of art - there's a blog label 'Well Dressing' you can click on to see more. For more info, see the bottome of this post -

    and a timelapse video of how they're made, see this see this post -

  5. I'm glad you are feeling better and planning trips out.
    I love the colours of your quilts. I would never have the patience or be neat enough to do patchwork and quilting.

  6. Suck lovely quilts, and made with lovely memories :-)

  7. So glad your health is improving, Chickpea. A lovely visitor can work wonders! xxx

  8. I adore your quilts. I love the idea of making them our of old shirts and clothing. I expect it already has that wonderfully comfy worn in feeling. And a family heirloom to boot!
    I haven't had a sofa catch up with a friend in a very long time. Good for you!
    Leanne xx

  9. Your quilts are lovely & I like the idea of re using old clothes. Both my boys wear shirts & I have been squireling some away for the future.

  10. Hi there, just catching up now that I am back, I have been reading, just not commenting. I have been sorry to hear that you haven't been recovering as quickly as you had hoped, but I am glad to hear that things are improving now, just take it easy and it will all come good I hope. Your quilts are beautiful and will I am sure become treasured family heirlooms for generations to come! xx

  11. Your quilts are beautiful! I love quilts, just wish I loved to make them! They cost a fortune to buy and the only quilt-makers I've ever known who might give me one are long dead. I started a quilt decades ago and got about a third of the squares sewn together before I abandoned the project. I call it my unfinished symphony -- still have it in a basket in the closet!


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