Sunday, 14 September 2014

Quick Visit to Cadgwith

These are the last of my 'holiday' photos......honest :)

On the way home from our break at The Lizard, we called into Cadgwith a pretty little fishing village for lunch.  It is a typical little village with narrow streets and thatched cottages, I would imagine quite a few of them are holiday cottages now.  It is also still very much a working fishing port which is lovely to see.  It is a hard and often dangerous way to earn a living, you could be out all day and catch nothing, or the weather may be so bad you can't go to sea.  In both cases, no fish means no money.  The small boat owners are a dying breed, they compete against huge fleets from far and wide.  Fishing was a huge part of Cornish life in the past, I would hate to see it die out completely.

If it looks familiar, filming took place here for the film Ladies in Lavender, and there was also a BBC TV series called The Fisherman's Apprentice filmed here.

Watching the sea

Biting off more than it could chew

Having a paddle

Strange plants grow here, this looked like a cactus in the greenhouse, and I wasn't even sure if this was real until I got up close to it.  I haven't a clue what it is but isn't it beautiful.

This is a wonderful children's book about a Cornish Fishing Village

Chickpea xx


  1. C had an auntie who called their house Cadgwith after having their honeymoon there. It looks an interesting place to stay.

  2. fabulous, i do love your photo's, and get to see some places I have never been, 1 for next year. xx

  3. Thanks as ever Chickpea for sharing your gorgeous photo's, i have a copy of The Mousehole Cat,and at my age ?? i love to read it often.
    Hope you're doing ok
    Sue xxxx

  4. I'm like your own little tour guide Knittynutter :)

  5. Isn't it a lovely book, beautifully illustrated. I still have the copy I bought for our sons, and bought one for the grandchildren.

  6. I used to read the Mousehole Cat to L and fell in love with the village when M and I spent a weekend there. Glorious photos- what a pretty place.

  7. It is a beautiful village CT, I will get down there and take some photos soon I hope :)

  8. Just when I was starting to get over my post- Cadgwith blues you start them off again! Lovely place.


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