Thursday, 4 September 2014

Cornwalls Mrs Overall

I managed to sit out in the garden for a little while today, it is quieter now the neighbours children have gone back to school.  We have an oak tree that was grown from an acorn by my youngest son, it was in a pot for a few years until we moved here and had more space to plant it. I have placed a bench under its branches where I can sit in the shade, often unnoticed by birds and little creatures.  Today I was treated to fantastic arial displays as speckled wood butterflies flew in circles around each other.  I'm not sure if it was a  friendly or fighting display.  They seem to like our garden, one of the few to have trees. Increasingly neighbours gardens are disappearing under conservatories, decking and designer plants that don't offer anything useful to the wildlife.

As I have been recovering, my thoughts have very much been on planning for the future.  Moving back out into the country and having space around us.  I want to grow a lot more food, plant an orchard, have a wildlife area.  Yes big plans, and buying anywhere in Cornwall is not cheap so it is not going to be easy to achieve, but it will be exciting trying to make it happen.  We used to live out in the 'wilds' when it was just us.  We rented 'winter lets' that we would never be able to buy, but enjoyed the experience of living there for a few short months before moving on again.  My OH grew up on a farm with a pet pig and driving tractors before he was legally old enough to drive a car.  It is a hard life, but one we would like to embrace.

The sweetcorn has belatedly sprung into life

What I am missing most of all during my recovery is the sea.  I am hoping by this weekend I will be up to being driven to the coast (trying to avoid the bumpy lanes if possible) and breathing in the sea air.  Oh how I miss it.

Bit by bit I am becoming more mobile, it takes me until mid morning feel more comfortable.  The nights are horrible, I feel like a beached whale as I struggle to get up to go to the loo.  I am sleeping sitting up which apparently makes me snore loudly!   I am also walking around very slowly.  I look like Mrs Overall from Acorn Antiques,  for those not familiar here she is, enjoy!

I have really enjoyed having more time to catch up with your blogs, in-between falling asleep and dribbling on the sofa.

Wishing you all a wonderful day

Chickpea xx


  1. Lol, I love it and I looked very similar only a few weeks ago myself and I've just sat here having a chuckle.

    Just take your time it's not a race to get better. Get some Vegan recipe books out and have pick out some good recipes for when your better so you can share them with me x

  2. I'm glad you are slowly on the mend. I need to see the sea too, but not our grey old north sea. Need a trip to Cornwall!
    I can but hope!

  3. glad you are feeling better a good dose of sea air will blow it all away!I so understand the desire to move to the country, we did some property spotting whilst down there last week!

  4. Slow and steady is the best way to a full recovery, the sea air will do you the power of good, just remember to wrap up incase its chilly.

    We are just planning a long weekend in Plymouth to see family, Im looking forward to it already :-) xx

  5. Lovely photos and glad you are in a lovely county and getting better slowly slowly and breathe in that sea air

  6. I hope you get down to the sea soon. Slowly yo'll get back to normal. We've been eating our sweet corn this week. It's been fantastic!

  7. Good to hear you sounding more comfortable. How lovely to have an oak planted by your son. Speckled Woods like tree canopies (they drink honey dew secreted by aphids up there) and come down out of the trees to bask in the sun. The males are very territorial so the twirling you saw may well have been two boys fighting over a prime patch, most likely your oak tree. Just shows how important wild trees and flowers are in gardens for wildlife x

  8. I hope that the Mrs Overall moments pass soon. I know that if I have been doing a lot of work in the garden and then come in and sit down that when I get up again I will do a funny walk, but it is no fun if you are the one doing the funny walk, and even worse for you I imagine. Glad that you are sitting out though, that is good! xx

  9. I remember being Mrs Overall after my transplant surgery, and hating the physio who would insist I COULD stand up straight if I really wanted to. As if I enjoyed being bent over with my nose on my kneecaps almost!
    I have grown an oak tree, still small and still in its pot. I doubt I shall live long enough to sit under it when it's planted out though.
    Be kind to yourself, nothing wrong in slow and steady. We are all different and recover differently, mentally and physically.
    Take care and hope you get your drive to the sea.

  10. Falling asleep and dribbling on the sofa, two of my favourite pastimes!!
    sending you a gentle hug and plenty of love,i hope you get your sea air, can't beat it eh.
    Take Care Chickpea
    Sue xxx

  11. I am with Sue, I do nod off now and again and I know that I dribble sometimes. I hobble around when I first get up but it is gone within 30 minutes or so. I went to see the sea on Sunday luckily it is not very far, just breathing the air makes me feel good. I love Cornwall but there is so much of Wales to discover that I will be on staycation for a couple of years.

  12. Thank you for your encouraging comments everyone, yes I will take it slowly.

    Just had sweetcorn delivered in our veg box Gina, can't wait to eat them.

    Thanks for the info CT, always learning something new from you :)

    I will dig out some vegan recipes for you Julee

    The Welsh coast is beautiful Pam



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